Day Eleven - Blogger: Nia

Over the course of Winterim, we broke into groups to practice many techniques by watching videos. For example, we made goat cheese balls, mint caviar, blueberry verrines and frozen chocolate wind. These are only a few things that we made so far. These are some of the skills to create an individual dish as well as an overall meal for our final project. For the last couple of days we have been practicing the dishes that we are in charge of. Each dish we make must have two of the skills incorporated into it. And all of the skills must be incorporated into the meal overall. It will be graded on presentation, taste and originality along with the groups menu design.

Day Ten - Blogger: Ben

Today we are in the final process of perfecting our dishes. In the morning we set out to replenish our supplies. Everyone is working hard and hoping to complete our dishes tomorrow successfully.

Today, I practiced my overall cutting skills. I started perfecting my fruit sashimi, going through three apples. Working to get the necessary practice with freezing the honey, and the timing on thawing it would be critical for my presentation.

The major piece of my dish that I practiced today was peeling and then coring the apple slices. Slicing the apple was not difficult, however, when coring the apple, it was difficult not break the apple itself. Afterwards, the main issue I was struggling with was getting the pearls onto the apple flesh without them falling off. The most reliable idea I could come up with was to spread peanut butter onto the apple gently, to avoid breaking the flesh, and then have the pearls stick onto it. The same process could be used for the peanut noodles, however hone…

Day Nine - Blogger: Kyra

Over the course of Winterim, we have been breaking apart into groups and then practicing various techniques from videos we watched. We made Go-Gurt raviolis, fruit spaghetti and even balsamic vinaigrette pearls to name a few. We have been learning these skills so that we could create individual dishes as well as an overall meal for our final project.  For the last two days we have been practicing these dishes that we are in charge of. Each dish must have 2 skills incorporated into it, while each group meal must use all of them. Friday it will be graded on presentation, taste and effort along with our menu design.

This was someone in the process of making a yogurt spaghetti for their desert. It had the same taste/flavor of yogurt but had a much different texture.

Here is a student making balsamic vinegar petals for their salad dish. They are pretty much small spheres of the vinegar with a membrane around it.

These are apple juice balls which taste like apple jello. All of these techniq…

Day Eight Part 2 - Blogger: Enzo

Today in class we took out the ingredients we bought at the store and started test runs of our dishes. Because everyone was making different things there wasn’t much space in the kitchen, but everyone was hard at work. People were working on setting up their meal timelines, deciding how they wanted to plate their food and making their new shopping lists for Thursday. We also worked on our menus and found out that some things didn't work and adjusted based on that. Some people had a lot of work to do, like Lola who had to make her apple juice noodles to go along with her dessert muffin, Ben who was slicing apples for his sashimi and Zoe who was making peanut butter balls and chocolate shells. was making my Parmesan cheese noodles and tomato sauce balls to go along with my spaghetti. Some problems I ran into were making my noodles I found that I had a lot less whey than they did in the video I was watching. Another problem I ran into was when I was making the tomato “ravioli” they …

Day Eight Part 1 - Blogger: Ryan

Today in Molecular Gastronomy, all of the students were making an assortment of dishes that they have planned and theorized.  For instance Kira and Enzo are making a tomato and shrimp sorbet for an appetizer. I am making a tomato/cucumber spaghetti with a fresh mozzarella base and balsamic pearls. For a main course, Alec chose to make mashed potatoes wrapped in bacon and topped with a goat cheese spherification. For dessert, Jack decided to make caramel pearls on top of gelified cream with sprinkles and chocolate chips. All of the dishes were thought up by the students and not from a book. Since we have a couple of days to practice, some things are not going so well while others are spectacular right off the bat. As it is the first day to practice our thought up dishes, we are trying to make it count!

A New Week! Day Seven - Blogger: Alec

Today we prepped for the practice runs of our final project. First, everyone planned on what they needed for their meals. We had time to think of all the ingredients and tools we'd need to make the dishes we had created. My dish was fried salami, cheese ravioli balls and and yucca spaghetti.

After we had our final lists, we went to the supermarket. The first item that I had to find was yucca. I was struggling to find any so I spoke with one of the employees who said they didn’t have it this time of year. I talked with Mr. Fowler and he suggested getting something close to yuca. We discussed it and I decided to get potatoes which are similar and easy to find. Next I looked for salami. While searching for it, I saw some bacon which gave me a better idea of what I should make. I decided to make mashed potato spaghetti with cheese raviolis(the molecular kind, without pasta) and a bacon wrap/bowl. Cheese was next on the list. I was going to get a more mainstream cheese, but while l…